An open letter to BBC Radio London management concerning the Robert Elms Show

Since the Save London Music Campaign was formed in February 2015, initially by a group of 30 odd music venues, studios, artists and promoters, we have greatly appreciated the support for our campaign from Robert Elms and his show.

When the campaign started, live music in London was facing a crisis. Our campaign set the objective of raising awareness of the challenges facing London venues and reversing the decline of live music in London. We campaigned for ‘agent of change’ legislation, made submissions to Parliamentary DCMS enquiry into live music and lobbied the Mayor of London to appoint a Night Time Tsar. We have also supported live music venues that are under threat and have managed to save several, using mechanisms such as getting venues declared assets of community value. 2019 London saw it’s most successful year for live music this century. Ourselves, the Music Venues Trust and many other local campaigns were starting to see the benefits of four years hard work. Roberts show was an integral part of this success.

At every stage Robert’s show has given us a platform to keep these issues in the minds and ears of Londoners. His show is probably the most important asset for new London artists on the radio. Many have made their first appearance on his show. Roberts knowledge of an eclectic array of musical genres from Reggae, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Rock to Punk and New Romantic is unsurpassed amongst local radio presenters. Robert can talk about artists and venues from first hand experience. Many such as Amy Winehouse, Gregory Porter and Ian Shaw had their first plays on Roberts show. 

In short, his show is a significant cultural asset for London. A midweek slot is vital as people listen to this at work, especially whilst working at home. It gives us a focal point for our artistic community and a committed friend. We request that you reconsider your decision to move his show to a less important weekend slot. The show needs a six day a week profile to ensure that all of the issues facing London’s artistic and cultaural life are covered.

Anyone wishing to object to the decision is asked to sign the petition which has been started to save the show

14 comment on “An open letter to BBC Radio London management concerning the Robert Elms Show

  1. Dean Hall Reply

    Another disastrous decision by the woke muppets running the BBC.
    Robert’s morning show has steered many of us through the pandemic & been a beacon for Londoners.

  2. Phil Ozarow Reply

    I am devastated

  3. Linda Kerrigan Reply

    Devastated by this news, Robert Elms keeps me up to date with the music scene and I frequently go to gigs by people who have appeared on his show.

  4. Scott O'Sullivan Reply

    Greatest show on radio. Ruined. We know why.

  5. Philip Riley Reply been listening to Robert for many years
    Without his enthusiasm for everything London my life wouldn’t have been as good as he has made it for me

  6. Bonnie Sangster Reply

    Shocked at this decision to move Robert Elms to a less important slot when he is the heart of bbc radio London.

  7. Celia Reply

    I rely so much on the Robert Elms Show on Radio London for cultural/architectural/music events in London. It would be a major loss for London to have Roberts slot moved.

  8. Jason Collins Reply

    The BBC have made a big mistake. I won’t listen to the slot now, Robert’s like a friend who recommends gigs, film and music that I have to go to. He has a regular line up of interesting guests I now have a relationship with. I’ve listened since moving to London and his show climatized me to this city. Eddie Nestor will not replace him, I will be switching to another channel.

  9. Paul Stephenson Reply

    Please keep Robert’s show

  10. Maggie Taylor Reply

    I love Robert Elmes daily radio show. PLEASE do not move it !!!!!!!
    Maggie Taylor

  11. Jon Storey Reply

    For more than 20 years the Robert Elms show has formed a pivotal part of mine and many thousands of Londoners lives, not to mention those who listen nationally and worldwide.

    It is easily the most vital and eclectic show I have ever listened to. For many it is a “lifeline” and a way to feel connected to others and the city we live in.

    The show is an actual community. A living breathing London village of its own.

    As an understatement that I am in total shock that BBC management can be so short sighted and ruthless to remove this fantastic radio from the weekly schedule.

    As far as I am concerned if Robert and his show and my community goes , like many I will seriously GRIEVE it’s loss as I still grieve the loss of the John Peel show. I cannot put it any stronger than that.

    Heads should roll at the top for this crass decision making. It shows the management are very out of touch with what an audience needs.


  12. Tom Reply

    just to say I will be removing the station from my devices as a p’off listener if this is not reversed !

  13. Ron lambert Reply

    I listen to the show every day in the week it’s been absolutely fantastic, it’s the only reason I listen to BBC radio London please Don’t remove Robert from this slot, it’s an amazing show and you should not have taken it off the air

  14. Jane Austin Reply

    I am very upset and disappointed that the Robert Elms show has been moved to a weekend slot, which I am unable to listen too. I am relatively new to his show, since working from home since January 2020. His wide knowledge of the music, and the industry , and his enthusiasm that comes across the airways is a joy to listen to and a real feel good factor.
    I am a Londoner, and I love all the stories, and history that is portrayed on his show, as well as all the diverse and different cultures that are given a platform.
    Unfortunately I will now tune into a different station at these times.
    Bring the Robert Elms show back !

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