Announcement from the Save The Midland Hotel Campaign

The Barnet Council planning website is now showing that this application has been withdrawn.

This is because the development scheme submitted has so many faults and so many objections to it.

However  no decision notice or any new document have been published; usually an email from the developers to say they have withdrawn the application and the head of planning signing off a decision notice.

These should be available soon. If not, we will be asking the case officer for confirmation.

The good thing with a withdrawn application is that there is no chance of an appeal; appeals are only possible if the planners refused the application.

We have no idea what the developers are going to do next.

The ACV listing for the pub has made it very awkward for them as any plans for the site must consider the ACV listing as a material consideration.

Developers cannot demolish the pub unless there is a very good reason to do so or they provide a replacement pub.

Barnet Council also has admitted that they have to protect our pubs according to National Planning policies.

We don’t want a new pub; we want to keep the original!

Meantime, please use our ACV pub as much as possible!!  

Thank you all for your hard work and support.

We must stay alert for the next application.


We are committed to supporting the Midland Hotel and all other local community spaces. We are looking to organise  party to celebrate the ACV and the withdrawal of the planning application. Watch this space.

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