Jeff Horton of the 100 Club addresses Parliamentary inquiry into Live Music

The 100 Club’s Jeff  Hortonrecently spoke in parliament about the state of London’s grassroots music scene. The whole discussion can be found online at Parliament TV.

Jeff also told the Musicglue website “It feels like the disappearance of venues like this is affecting the music industry in so many ways, like a key part of the food chain is being removed. The live music industry contributes £4billion to the treasury every year, but the other stat that is really worrying is the average headline band at the average British festival last year was 57 years old. That is a serious problem. There aren’t enough live music venues where young artists can come and learn their trade anymore, so they can end up high up the bill on the Pyramid Stage in 2022. So you’re seeing the same bands headlining festival after festival. It’s a matter of time before people decide they don’t want to see whoever it is at the Isle of Wight for the sixth time, then people will stop going, and then the music industry has a big problem.”

Jeff also discussed the Parliamentary enquiry “I think things are slightly different now, because suddenly national government have got onto the case because of a review I helped write with the Music Venue Trust and Music Week and Village Underground. It went to the House of Commons and House of Lords and actually got really well reviewed. They understood that there was issues with planning and that some of the noise complaints were ridiculous. But as ever, and especially with Brexit now, it’s taking forever for anything to go through.

The Save London Music Campaign is fighting to ensure a future for Grasroots venues across London. We completely support Jeff and his comments.  (Picture courtesy of Music Glue).


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