London GLA Member Darren Johnson fighting to Save London Music Venues

Darren Johnson

London GLA Member Darren Johnson has set up a page on his personal blog dedicated to the campaign to Save London Music Venues.

Darren says “Sadly, numerous live music venues are under threat of closure, particularly in London where spiralling land values are making it increasingly difficult for venues to survive or where new neighbouring developments are threatening their viability, even when they are thriving and popular.”

Darren also has links to important campaigns (including this one). We reproduce them here for reference.

Here are links to some of the current campaigns:

West End: Save The 12 Bar Club – Don’t Bin Tin Pan Alley

Stepney: Save The George Tavern

Elephant & Castle: Save The Coronet

Agent of Change campaign: Another campaign well worth supporting is for the adoption of the “agent of change” principle, aimed at preventing new neighbouring developments threatening the viability of existing venues. Info here.

London’s Grassroots Music Venues Rescue Plan – click here to download report

Music Heritage UK – a charity that exists to promote protect and preserve the UK’s musical heritage. Info here.

Music Venues Trust – set up to protect the UK’s live music network. Info here.

The Barnet Eye blog also recently had a meeting with Darren to discuss the various strands to the campaign. The Barnet Eye reported back about the cross party efforts at the GLA to secure a future for London Music scene. It is encouraging to see that some big hitters are lining up behind the campaign.



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