Mayor of London Introduces Rescue Plan to Save Capital’s Clubs

Mayor of London Introduces Rescue Plan to Save Capital's Clubs

The mayor of London has recently announced that he will be pushing to turn round the growing number of music venues that are closing across London, spurred on a 35% drop in grass roots music venues since 2007.

With the capital becoming more expensive and its population increasing, the problems faced by London’s music venues come from a range of different areas. One of the major concerns is the rapidly increasing rent prices in London – venues are less able to afford their own rent, and at the same time, music lovers are harder up for cash as they have to pay more for rent themselves, making it less likely that they’ll go out as much to enjoy themselves.

Another problem is noise complaints – as more property is getting built, venues are finding that people are moving into new buildings nearby and then complaining about the noise. There have been cases of clubs that have been open for decades (Ministry of Sound being a prime example), which have had noise complaints from new residents and faced closure because of it.

The Mayor’s Music Venues Taskforce has recently produced a report that suggests that London’s music industry makes billions for the economy, and there is a clear worry that if venues keep on closing at this rate then the whole city will suffer as a result. As a result of this report, the following measures are being implemented:

Agent of Change principles are being introduced – this means that any developer that is creating new properties must make sure that they address any potential problems if a music venue already exists nearby

• A “champion for night time economy” is to be introduced. This will be a position that will be responsible for bringing together after dark businesses, residents, and infrastructure to promote nightlife across the city

• A London Music Development Board is to be set up, which will implement a rescue plan to turn around the closures of grassroots music venues in London

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