Music Venues Trust launches Fightback – Emergency Response Team

Tuesday 18 October,


“The Gig with no acts…… yet”

Following a seemingly never-ending tsunami of stories about venues across the UK coming under threat or closing down, Music Venue Trust today announces a one-off evening of music: FIGHTBACK will take place at The Roundhouse, London on Tuesday 18 October to raise vital funds to create a new service to stop the closures. The event will support the launch of a brand new nationwide service from Music Venue Trust which will directly stop music venue closures by tackling thenumber 1 cause of those closures; the cost and complexity of legal advice and expert opinion on planning, development, noise and licensing issues

But as of right now, no artists or bands, backline or lights, road crew, sound engineers or lighting technicians are booked.

Mark Davyd of MVT explains: “We’re announcing an event today which has no artists booked, no infrastructure confirmed, because this is urgent. Every venue that closes is another nail in the coffin for our touring circuit. What’s happening to our Music Venues is an emergency which should concern every music fan, every musician, and everybody working in the music industry in the UK. SoMusic Venue Trust is taking action right now, and we are publicly inviting everybody to join us for just one night to support that action”.

Appeal for Artists

Music Venue Trust is launching an appeal today for headline and support artists to come forward to support Fightback. Artists, sound engineers, lighting technicians, backline suppliers are urged to contact the Charity to join this event and to make it happen.

“We’ve got four weeks to put this together. We need serious offers of help, and we hope senior and established artists in the industry will respond. We’ve got to take action to stop these closures, and we’ve got to do it now. Too often, venues are going to the wall because they don’t get the best advice they can as early as they can. Developers and local authorities have got deep pockets to pay for the best legal advice; venues need somebody in their corner and that’s what we’re going to do.” says Davyd.

Emergency Response Team

Music Venue Trust has assembled an Emergency Response Team which includes the UK’s leading experts on licensing, planning, acoustics, noise, legal and tenancy issues. By filling in a simple online form, venues will be able to access the very best advice available. Music Venue Trust’s Emergency Response Team will respond within 72 hours with clear, practical advice. Initial advice from the service will be FREE to Grassroots Music Venues in the UK.


The Emergency Response Service is live now at this link:


Proceeds from FIGHTBACK will support the Emergency Response Service to be able to respond nationally to local situations.


Ticket booking for FIGHTBACK will open on Monday 19 September from the Roundhouse website, with initial early-bird tickets on sale for just £10.

As artists are confirmed the price will increase. Davyd explains:

“As of 9am this morning we genuinely don’t know who is playing. It might be me with a ukulele and a bass drum tied to my back, or it might be the biggest artist in the world. We’re asking music fans from across London and beyond to please join us for just one night to say loudly and clearly that we’ve all had enough of music venue closures and we aren’t going to put up with it any more.”

“We hope musicians and music fans will believe that’s a cause worth joining. If it turns out someone who believed in that cause paid £10 to hear me whistle the national anthem and rant about the importance of venues for half an hour, then the cause will still be worth it. And if you buy a ticket on Monday for £10 and it ends up being stuffed full of Q, Mercury or Brit Award winners and the people around you paid £100, then lucky you”.


Mark Davyd is available for interviews to support this event and the Emergency Response campaign. Call 07778 668 225.


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