A major victory for the #SaveLondonMusic Campaign

A great victory for our campaign for Live music. We have campaigned long for help for grassroots venues with business rates. In 2018 we spent three months preparing a submission for the DCLG Parliamentary enquiry into live music. We are pleased to announce a major success for the campaign

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Commentary – What should be in the party manifestos to protect the music industry

By Roger Tichborne – Founder of the Save London Music Campaign

There is a General Election in less than a month. I am disturbed by the complete lack of discussion about how either the Tories or the Labour party are going to make our economy fit for purpose for the 21st century, specifically in regard to music and creative industries. None of the party leaders have any experience of running a business or generating wealth. My expertise is in the music industry. I have first hand experience of how the music industry can generate prosperity.

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Urgent appeal from The Save London Music Campaign

Dear Supporter,

I apologise for having to make this appeal. The Save London Music Campaign was set up in 2015 to campaign to preserve the musical heritage of London. We have assisted campaigns to save venues and have submitted information to a major parliamentary enquiry into live music. No one associated with our campaign has received payments and our website was set up by Amadi Digital for free and has been administered by Mill Hill Music Complex for free. Neither organisation has sought any financial compensation or sought to profit from the arrangement.

For a period in 2015/6, an unpaid intern, keen to assist with the campaign and learn about the music industry spent several hours a week assisting the campaign and putting together news articles for our site. These generally linked to news stories in other publications. One of these was an article in the Guardian, detailing the closure of Madame Jojo’s nightclub in Soho. The intern contacted the nightclub and asked if there was any way the Save London Campaign could assist. The nightclub asked us to do what we could to publicise the situation and stated that we had their permission to use their image in any articles on our website.

Several weeks ago, the campaign was contacted by PA Images, a company that licenses photographs to media publications, stating that the Save London Music Campaign had used images without permission. The article put together by the intern contained two photographs of Madame Jojo’s, which PA Images owned the copyright for. The company demanded a total of £188 for use of the images.

Whilst the Save London Music Campaign is a keen supporter of intellectual copyright, given the across the board support that the campaign has received from creative industries, we assumed that when the situation was explained, PA Images would waive the usual fee, in support of our campaign.

Given that the photographers who create the wealth of creative organisations such as PA need venues (such as Madame Jojo’s) to earn a living, it seemed to us to be quite reasonable for a campaign that has no income and no funds to ask for the fee to be waived, and an expression of support from PA Images. Whilst they are a business and it is their absolute right to not support the campaign, we were disappointed when they stated that they would absolutely not waive their fee. There was no expression of support for our campaign either.

As the campaign has no funds, we now need to raise the money to pay these fees. We are asking all of our supporters to make a small donation to the campaign. We are asking anyone who cares about Live music and the London music scene to donate £5 via paypal to our appeal.

Please send donations to SaveLondonMusic @ Gmail.Com  (remove the spaces around the @). As we are making this appeal, we are also hoping to raise a further £50 to make ‘Save London Music’ badges and if we hit our target, we will send everyone who donates a free badge. The campaign is in the process of launching a new site, detailing the history of Londons music venues. Please watch this space for more details. We have set up the site and we will soon be asking for memories and pictures (although not from PA Imges or their associates!) to build a world class site of memories of the London Music Scene

UK Music – Official Guidance for UK musicians

The London Music scene is facing a huge threat from plans for a hard Brexit from the EU. Due to the UK departure from the Customs Union and new rules on free movement of people, working and tax arrangements, musicians deriving income from the EU, be it through sales/licensing, merchandising and touring need to be aware of what will be required.

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The Mill Hill Music Festival starts on Friday, so get your tickets ASAP

The Mill Hill Music Festival will be kicking off this Friday, nine days of the most amazing music in Mill Hill. Some of the shows are free entry and some are ticketed. There are still a few tickets left for all events, but the BBC Elstree Band playing “A Night at The OSCARS” and Charles Court Opera performing HMS Pinnfore have nearly sold out, so we advise that you get down and buy tickets ASAP if you want to make sure you get in for those events. I’m always heartened when we get such a great response for the Opera, which is has become one of the keynote nights.

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Save London Music Campaign – Why the Night Czar isn’t working

By Bally Studios

On the BBC newson the 28th March, there was feature bit about music venues closing in London, and how the Mayor appointed Night Czar isn’t helping much. We predicted this exact thing back in November 2015 (link to that article below,) for the exact same reason that it’s happened.

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Save London Music Campaign welcomes Parliamentary report as good first step towards protecting Live Music Venues

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee of the House of Parliament has today issued its report into the future of Live music in the UK. The Save London Music Campaign was a key contributor and we are pleased to announce that the committee has agreed with many of our recommendations and conclusions, directly quoting our submission on several occasions. The full report is available below.

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