Time to support our grassroots musicians

In times like this, London needs music and it is one thing we can safely enjoy. Our campaign has historically been about preserving venues, but at present, our focus shifts to the people who really matter, musicians. There is no live music in London. Musicians who rely on gigs to pay the bills are not earning a bean. Few musicians are flush with cash at the best of times. Can we ask the listeners to do three things to support our musicians. It won’t cost much, and it will make your life better. Please can the listeners do the following

1. Download a song/album a day from your favourite musician on a paying platform. Now is a time find great new musicians. Support them by buying their music.

2. Check out their website and buy some merchandise. A tee-shirt, poster or coaster will help them pay the bills

3. If any are having a crowd funding appeal to help them through these hard times, please make a donation, however small. 
Please check our website for regular updatesNews – #SAVE LONDON MUSIC

News – #SAVE LONDON MUSICNews – #Save London Music

Everyone is having a difficult time, however we can get through this if we come together.

We are considering the logistics of putting together a daily playlist on our website, with a request to download the tracks. IF anyone out there is interested in helping, please use the contact form on the website to get in touch.

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