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The London Music scene is facing a huge threat from plans for a hard Brexit from the EU. Due to the UK departure from the Customs Union and new rules on free movement of people, working and tax arrangements, musicians deriving income from the EU, be it through sales/licensing, merchandising and touring need to be aware of what will be required.

For many bands, operating on tight margins, this will present a massive challenge and will most definitely have a big impact on the London music scene.

Many UK based artists and bands rely on earnings from touring in the the EU, selling merchandising and playing gigs which enable them to make ends meet We have been asked to share the official guidance document with our customers. This is the governments advice for musicians who live, work or tour in the EU concerning what legal changes will be required following a hard Brexit scenario.

There are many changes that UK based musicians and UK citizens living/working as musicians in the EU need to be aware of. This is recently released government guidance. There will also be implcations for UK acts which feature EU citizens. This document, put together by UK Music (the industry wide organisation supporting musicians) contains recently issued government guidance.

As No-deal Brexit will pose an immediate challenge to the ability of bands to tour and perform across Europe, it is important for musicians to be fully aware of these rules. For many, touring in the EU is an important source of revenue, vital to ensure that musicians have an income stream capable of supporting a career.

Of particular relevance is that  when touring in Europe it is likely equipment, instruments and gear will have to be declared on a customs document called a Carnet.

You can find European Commission advice here:

The Save London Music campaign will share all information we are made aware of in updates and  Keep up to date with whats going on at our Facebook page.

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